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Bank Street to close in October for Road Works

by Jon Hubbard on 12 September, 2008

Melksham Town Centre is to face more disruption when Bank Street is closed in October for more road works.

The works, set to commence on Monday 6th October, will require a full closure of the road to enable lifting equipment to be used. Pedestrian access will be maintained for shops on the eastern side.

Busses will now be terminating in the Market Place, where some parking spaces will be removed for the duration of the works to accomodate them.

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  1. Samantha Whiteside says:

    I learnt through another Melksham retailer this morning about the forthcoming roadworks. Does the council not realise that they could not have picked a worst time of year?

    Most of the retailers in Bank Street rely on Christmas trade to boost sales for the year. Trade is already an uphill struggle at the moment, are the council trying to finish Melksham town centre off all together and put all their independant retailers out of business? Why can this work not be down in January and February when business is naturally slower?

    What makes it even worse is the fact that we had to find out the news through the Wiltshire Times, it would have been nice to have been told directly.

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