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New Bins for Spa Road and Snowberry Lane

by Jon Hubbard on 27 September, 2008

Melksham Spa is to benefit from two new public rubbish bins following a decision by the Town Council on Monday 22nd September.

The council decided that four new bins should be installed across the town with two of them in Spa Ward, following the intervention of local councillor Jon Hubbard.

Spa Road is to see a large bin installed by the Canbara Youth Centre, the location suggested by Melksham’s young people in a recent consultation by the council.

A smaller bin is to be introduced in Snowberry Lane following a request by Cllr Hubbard. Commenting after the meeting Jon said, “I’m really pleased that the town council have introduced all four of these new bins. During the meeting I commented that in the recent by-election we had received massive support for our campaign for better rubbush facilities and I am delighted that the council has responded. Additionally the council has agreed to propose a doubling of it’s budget for installing public bins next year.”

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