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Road Closure Plans could cripple Melksham’s retail trade says local councillor Jon Hubbard

by Jon Hubbard on 29 September, 2008

Melksham Councillor Jon Hubbard has slammed the County Council for their plans to close Bank Street yet again, this time in the all important run up to Christmas.

The Council intend to close Bank Street from Monday 6th October for up to 10 weeks, despite not even complying with their own rules for road closures.

“This closure will cripple local retailers” said the recently elected town councillor, “we are now entering the vital ‘Golden Quarter’ for retailers. In the current economic climate we should be doing all that we can to protect and support our local shops and businesses, not pulling the rug from under their feet.”

Cllr Hubbard has written to the Director of Environmental Services, George Batten, at Wiltshire County Council asking for the road works to be postponed until the New Year.  The County Council will also be receiving a request from the Town Council for the works to be delayed following Monday’s Town Council meeting.

Jon Hubbard continued “Local traders have made it clear to me that they accept the need for these works to be undertaken, but just cannot understand why they have to be done during this vital trading period. I hope that the County will see sense and postpone these works. If not then I want to know how they propose to support our local shops and compensate them for any losses they incur.

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