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County Council agree to Two Phase Road Works for Melksham Town

by Jon Hubbard on 3 October, 2008

Melksham traders’ fears over damage to Christmas Trade have been slightly reduced following a concession by Wiltshire County Council. Works will now cease at the end of October with the remaining works being completed in the New Year.

Local Town Councillor Jon Hubbard along with many others has objected to the plans by the council which would have crippled the town’s retail trade over the vital Christmas period. Once details of their plans became clear the Town Council was inundated with complaints from Town Councillors, local traders and others.

Following the strength of public opinion the County Council have said “After due consideration of the concerns raised it has been decided to undertake the works and consequent road closure in two phases rather than the one phase originally planned.  Phase 1 of the works and closure will commence as planned on the 6th October with a four week duration.  The closure will then be removed and the site made safe.  This will allow for normal trading conditions through November and December.  Phase 2 of the works will take place in the New Year.  The Phase 2 works will again require a full road closure.”.

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