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Unitary Elections set for June 4th 2009

by Jon Hubbard on 2 November, 2008

The Government has confirmed that the elections for the new Wiltshire Unitary Council will be held on Thursday 4th June 2009, more than two months after the current District and County Councils are dissolved.

Local residents are asking how it is that they will have no properly elected representatives for the period between the old councils being scrapped and the new authority comming into being.

Local Councillor Jon Hubbard has expressed concern that the new authority has been rushed in without proper planning and the people of Melksham and Wiltshire will suffer for it. “The Tories were desperate to force in this new authority as soon as possible and did not think to plan properly. We should have elected a new shadow authority to plan the transition, where elected members were representing their constituents, not have an unelected quango replace peoples democratic rights.”

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