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Elected for Four – Serving for Six

by Jon Hubbard on 5 November, 2008

Local Councillor Jon Hubbard has accused the Government of “Stealing Democracy” from local residents following confirmation that elections for the Town Council will be deferred until 2013.

In a Ministerial Statement on 28th October the Minister for  Local Government (John Healey) said “As a result, with the few exceptions provided for in those orders, future parish council elections in Cornwall, County Durham, Northumberland, Shropshire and Wiltshire will be held in 2013.”

The change is designed to bring the timing of Town and Parish elections inline with the new Unitary Authority that has been rushed through in Wiltshire. Traditionally Town and Parish elections were held on the same day as the District Council elections, but that cycle will cease with the scrapping of the  districts. Instead, councillors elected for four years will now serve six.

“Local people, who may be desperate for change, will have no opportunity to exercise their democratic rights” said Jon Hubbard. “We are now stuck with a Tory led council here in Melksham until 2013. Melksham needs a council that puts it’s residents first. Melksham deserves a council that invests in the town, that looks for inovative and exciting ways of bringing new business and trade to the town. Melksham needs a change. The unholy alliance of Wiltshire Tories and the Labour Government has refused Melksham residents the right to bring about that change for four more years.”

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