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Citizens Advice Bureau: coping in the credit crunch

by Jon Hubbard on 10 November, 2008

Unsurprisingly, CAB money advisors have seen a doubling of their work load from last year, and a dramatic increase in a cases of priority debt.  Local residents who have been just managing to make ends meet are now facing extraordinary pressures, as price rises in food, petrol and utilities are pushing many household budgets to the limit.  

As the CAB puts it, “Small problems can push people off the tight rope.”

The CAB is a lifeline for many, and works extremely hard to prevent homelessness.  It depends on significant funding from district councils, but also on an army of dedicated volunteers to run their day-to-day case work.

Jon Hubbard says,”Now more and more people are depending on the vital services that the CAB offers. What a shame that our Tory led Town Council voted to CUT financial support for this essential service rather than actually provide the kind of commitment that Melksham resident really need.

“If you are worried about managing your own financial situation, the CAB advises to get in touch as soon as possible.  The number to call for the West Wiltshire office, which includes Melksham, is 0844 499 4106.”

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