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More Trains for Melksham

by Jon Hubbard on 6 February, 2009

Duncan Hames, the prospective Liberal Democrat MP for Melksham, is calling for the introduction of a trans-Wiltshire rail service that would run though Melksham and greatly improve the train service for the town.

Jon Hubbard and Duncan Hames at Melksham Station

Duncan told FOCUS: “People in Melksham deserve better than the token train service that they currently have to put up with. Despite a lot of talk, the Conservative-run County Council has failed to contribute any funds to get Melksham’s rail service back on track.”

“I want to see a first-class rail service for Wiltshire with regular trains running between Swindon and Salisbury. This would give Melksham a real train service again for the first time in years.”

Cllr Jon Hubbard commented: “Melksham people are sick and tired of being the ‘poor man of Wiltshire’ when it comes to our rail service. A trans-Wiltshire rail service would be great for our town and great for the environment.”

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