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RBS £3.7bn Bonus Plans – You couldn’t make it up

by Jon Hubbard on 11 February, 2009

You might feel the urge to sign the petition to stop RBS giving away £1bn of our tax payers money in bonuses.

Feels a little like we must be living in a fantasy world that it’s even necessary to have to sign a petition to stop them doing it. They lose £28bn – get £20bn of tax payers money and then pay £1bn in bonuses!!! You couldn’t make it up.  £3.6bn of the £37bn we paid in cash is going in bonuses in the next 6 weeks. An increase of 1p on income tax raises about £3.7bn. So by not paying it we could arguably have had a 1p cut in income tax. Now let me see what would we all prefer – to make sure the bankers all get their bonuses or to give us 1p in the pound back on income tax.

“No Ifs No Buts-  Give up the Bonus, RBS”

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