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Adsa Gets Green Light (again!)

by Jon Hubbard on 27 February, 2009

West Wiltshire District Council gave Asda the green light (again) last night, with the application now being passed to the Secretary of State for final approval.

I attended the meeting at Trowbridge and spoke supporting the application. I cannot hide the fact that I was frankly shocked by the attitude of the officers at the council towards this application and their seemingly determined efforts to stop it at any cost.

When I spoke I commented on the “smoke and mirrors” approach that the council had adopted, it seems that they were even withholding certain information from their own elected members!

I’ve never subscribed to the “Trowbridge has it in for Melksham” theory but I could certainly see last night how such thoughts come about.

Let’s hope that now that we have reached this point, the council’s officers will adopt a more positive approach to the whole application and start working towards helping Melksham gain this £25 million investment and 300 much needed new jobs.

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