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One Week On…

by Jon Hubbard on 12 June, 2009

It’s hard to beleive that a week has passed already since I was elected to Wiltshire Council.

We have already discovered that there will be a byelection for the Town Council (that’s another pair of shoes worn out then!) and I am still coming to terms with the amount of paperwork that has been presented to me and the numebr of training sessions I have needed to attend this week!

However, it has been possible to get to work on real issues and matter that affect local residents. I have tabled a question for full council on Tuesday regarding the King Street Lorry Park and will report back next on the answers I receive.

I have been busy meeting the officers and finding out who I need to speak to about various issues, hopefully we can start getting real results soon.

Well now it’s time for a well earned rest over the weekend, although we have a group meeting tomorrow, a thank you party for all the wonderful people who helped me get elected and about 500 pages of text to read before Council on Tuesday!

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