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Next Stage of Town Centre Improvements to start in August

by Jon Hubbard on 30 June, 2009

Improvements to Melksham town centre are to start in August after receiving support from residents and community groups.

The proposals from Wiltshire Council are aimed at enhancing the overall street scene, and providing an improved environment for all users, particularly pedestrians and shoppers. They should also provide a greatly improved look to the historic market place.

Wiltshire Council will be starting the first phase on August 3, which it is anticipated will take 13 weeks to complete.

The initial phase of the main project will take place along the High Street between Lowbourne and Strattons Walk. A new wider footway, using surface materials to match those in Bank Street, will be built on the eastern side of the road, starting at the Strattons Walk end. The existing traffic signal controlled crossing will be upgraded to a new and more efficient version and the western footway between Avon Place and the Lowbourne roundabout will also be reconstructed using the new paving and kerbs. Traditional style street lighting will also be installed to continue the theme through the town centre.

While the work is ongoing, traffic will be restricted to a single direction as part of a one way system adjacent to the work. Vehicles will only be able to proceed through the site from the Church Street direction towards Lowbourne. Diversion routes will be clearly signed and a temporary 7.5 tonne weight restriction will be in place on Queensway and Blackmore Road to avoid heavy vehicles using this route as a rat-run. A temporary pedestrian crossing point will be provided while the existing traffic signal crossing is upgraded. “Businesses Open as Usual” signs will be placed in strategic locations to avoid any confusion to shoppers.

I’m delighted that the next stage of these works is finally underway, and I hope that we will see the whole project finished soon.

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  1. Mrs Judy Salter says:

    Good morning. I feel the need to comment on the roadworks through Melksham town centre. I very rarely travel to Melksham but had to visit my dentist (Regency Practice) yesterday. You say that “Diversion routes will be clearly signed”. I beg to differ. I reached the roadworks and had not a clue where to go to negotiate my way around them. There were certainly no diversion signs. I ended up having to park in Sainsbury’s car park and walk a considerable way to the dentists – making me late for my appointment. I remonstrated with one of the workmen on my way there – but was told that the signs, or rather the lack of signs, were nothing to do with him and that I should speak to the County Council. He told me that I would need to turn left at the roadworks go across two roundabouts go up such and such a street………where are the signs??????

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