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Conservatives refuse to back Melksham Forrest Community Activity Centre

by Jon Hubbard on 23 September, 2009

At last nights Melksham Area Board Conservative Councillors refused to back the application from Melksham Forrest Community Activity Centre for funding to support widening the access road.

Lib Dem Councillor Jon Hubbard proposed that the application should be approved in principle, with the proviso that the issues surrounding planning consent and land ownership should be resolved prior to funds being released.

Speaking following the meeting Cllr Jon Hubbard said, “It is a real shame that the Conservatives failed to support this admirable scheme that will benefit the people of Melksham.

“Kicking the application into the long grass does nothing to help the team of hard-working volunteers who are working so hard to bring this resource to their community.

“Approving this application in principle this evening would have meant that the organisers could have gone ahead with other grant applications, being able to assure other organisations that Wiltshire Council would be backing the scheme. Now they are unable to do this.

“Considering that the Community Area Manager had to plea for additional grant applications at tonight’s meeting as she was concerned that we may not spend all the money available this year, I cannot comprehend refusing to grant this money.”

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