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Conservatives want to scrap taxi and railcard vouchers

by Jon Hubbard on 9 October, 2009

Wiltshire Council Bus Pass SurveyPlans by the ruling Conservative group on Wiltshire Council could result in over 60’s residents in Melksham loosing their right to claim taxi or railcard vouchers instead of their free bus pass.

The plans will leave hundred’s of rural residents trapped in their homes, without suitable buses to provide a service for them.

Local councillor Jon Hubbard has described the proposals as disgraceful. “These plans again demonstrate the callous attitude of Wiltshire Conservatives and clearly demonstrate how little they care about the quality of life for Wiltshire’s older residents. People will not accept this, we all know the ruling Conservative group need to find savings to pay for their financial incompetence and excessive spending on the new Chief Executive but they cannot steal this money from the people who have contributed for the longest and have a real need for this service.”

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