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Wiltshire Council Purchases Melksham Station Goods Yard

by Jon Hubbard on 28 November, 2009

Wiltshire Council has purchased the former goods yard by Melksham railway station, safeguarding the site for the future.

The purchase will ensure its long term availability for improvements to the station access and facilities. It will also give greater certainty to the site’s tenants and the jobs they provide.

Local Councillor Jon Hubbard commented “This deal works for Melksham. It’s self financing and should there be an increase in the number of trains running through the station we are much better placed to make improvements to the station.”

The site was owned by BRB (Residuary) Ltd the company set up by the government to dispose of former railway assets.

The land purchased includes the main station approach and land occupied by Novacast foundry and Melksham Truck and Bus. It does not include the land occupied by the car repair garage, car tyre business and scrap yard.


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