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Car Park Madness

by Jon Hubbard on 14 December, 2009

Town councillor for Melksham Spa, Jon Hubbard, is to ask the Town Council at this evenings meeting to write to Wiltshire Council asking them to review their refusal to rethink the one hours free parking arrangements when the Town Centre improvement works restart in the new year.

Cllr Jon Hubbard, who also serves on Wiltshire Council as the member for Melksham South, has asked the highways department to move the 1 hour of free parking from Church Street carpark to Bath Road, Lowbourne and King Street car parks. He explained “This move will allow people to take advantage of the free parking without having to face the nightmare of the one way system and traffic lights. During the last set of road works local residents were queuing for considerable periods as a result of the bottleneck that is Church Street. Moving the free parking to the satellite car parks during this time would reduce the pressure on this road and make using our town centre easier.”

Wiltshire Council have so far refused to make the change citing the reason that there is no call for it from the local community. Cllr Hubbard is hoping that with the support of the Town Council he will be able to convince them of the real need for the temporary change.

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