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Concern as flood reaches ‘dangerous’ levels

by Jon Hubbard on 27 December, 2009

Local Councillor Jon Hubbard is calling for a clear explanation from Wiltshire Council of the new flooding that is getting worse and worse by Clackers Brook, between Primrose Drive and Westbury View in Melksham that he believes now poses a safety risk to local residents.

Flooding at Clackers Brook by Primrose DriveThe local councillor said, “This flooding has appeared since the new school has been developed. Local people know that these fields have always been really boggy with water, and my concern is that this flooding is a result of a change in the water table. After all, water will always find its own level.

“Local residents need assurances that this flooding is not going to get worse when the new housing and distributor road is built. Every year Clackers Brook floods and this whole area will fill with water, but I am concerned that with this amount of water already here, what will happen when we next see a serious flood.

Flooding at Clackers Brook by Primrose Drive“If this is planned flooding, and the council is confident that it poses no risk to local residents then that is great. But we need to be told. We also need to see some fencing around the water to ensure that no-one can accidently fall in. After all, this is an area that is commonly used by people walking their dogs and as a walk-through. On a dark evening it would be easy to loose your footing and tumble into the water. I hope we won’t have to wait for a serious accident before action is taken.”

Jon first reported the issue to Wiltshire Council in October 2009 but is still awaiting a response from them.

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