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Is the End in Sight for Melksham’s Blue Pool

by Jon Hubbard on 24 January, 2010

The top Tory responsible for leisure services at Wiltshire Council (WC), Stuart Wheeler, has confirmed his opinion that West Wiltshire has too many swimming pools.

At a recent meeting of Wiltshire Council’s Environment Select Committee, Cllr Wheeler repeatedly confirmed the line. However, closures will not take place until after the general election.

The committee was considering a report which has already been approved by the WC cabinet.

The report says that, “Inevitably there will be difficult choices”. It recognises the risk of people not liking having their pools shut by reminding councillors that: “The plan includes a range of proposals which may be seen by local communities as threatening local services. Local views may directly conflict with priorities identified within (the) report.”

As for where the axe will fall, the signs are ominous for West Wiltshire. “Some communities in the west of the county have several swimming pools serving them.”

There is an “Over provision of 25m swimming pools”.

The author of the report says there should be “Fewer buildings more services”.

Rest assured that I will be keeping a close eye on this and will fight tooth and nail for Melksham’s Blue Pool. After all, if we are encouraging healthy lifestyles then closing much loved, and well used leisure facilities hardly seems logical does it?

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