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Out of Hours Changes from NHS

by Jon Hubbard on 10 February, 2010

NHS Wiltshire have issued a press release saying there are to be some changes to the Out of Hours services. Typically they have given scant few details and, quite unbelievably, have said that they are not prepared to give any more details at this time!

The full text of their press release is shown below:

“From 1 April 2010 the Out of Hours service will be provided by Wiltshire Medical Services, which is run by local GPs. The service will be run from all existing sites, plus a number of additional sites, to improve access for patients.

A communications campaign for patients is currently being developed, which will be launched in the weeks leading up to 1 April. NHS Wiltshire has no further comment to make but is keen to stop any further speculation about cuts in services.”

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