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Another Education Gimmick From Labour

by Jon Hubbard on 24 February, 2010

Commenting on the Government’s ‘chain schools’ announcement Wiltshire Councillor Jon Hubbard, who is vice-chairman of the Children’s Services Select Committe and Lib Dem spokesperson for schools on the council, said: “As if we haven’t had enough proposals and meddling in our childrens’ education over the past 13 years the Government has come up with another gimmick on the eve of a General election.

This latest gimmick is just more top-down meddling from a tired Government desperate to divert attention from its failure to raise standards in our schools.

“New providers could possibly help to turn around long-term failing schools, but do we really want Ed Balls to be handpicking all 500 of them?

“But then again properly funded Local Education Authorities can also provide answers along with improved training for teaching staff and better school management.

“I would rather see our Government concentrating on getting the basics right, freeing up teachers from beurocracy and rectifying imbalances in education funding that sees Wiltshire Council receive far to little funding to properly run our schools.

“Only the Liberal Democrats are committed to giving all schools the extra money they need to cut class sizes and provide children who are struggling with individual support.

“We will make sure all schools have the freedom to provide an excellent standard of education, without the constant interference of Whitehall politicians.”

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