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Grant Approvals Good News for Melksham

by Jon Hubbard on 25 March, 2010

At this evening’s Melksham Area Board meeting grants were awarded to a number of groups in Melksham.

Local councillor for Melksham South, Jon Hubbard, says he was delighted that £750 was agreed for a community garden project being proposed by residents in his Division.

“The Queensway TARA group have really exciting plans for encouraging community involvement”, Cllr Hubbard said at the meeting. “This project ticks all the boxes for reaching out to the community and trying to bring all people in, young and old. We must support projects like this, it really does help bring people together and develop the community.”

The Area Board also approved a grant of £1,000 for a radio station for the town. Speaking after the meeting Cllr Hubbard commented, “This is such an exciting opportunity for the town. I’m so pleased that we approved this, as this is the sort of resource that can really help the town develop and grow as a community. I really hope that this project succeeds and, in time, maybe even gets a broadcast licence so that they can expand from being just Internet based. It would be great to have a FM or DAB radio station based in the town.”

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