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Melksham will have Pool says Council

by Jon Hubbard on 24 May, 2010

Melksham residents have been reassured by Wiltshire Council that the town will retain a swimming pool once the new ‘campus’ arrangements have been completed.

Local Councillor Jon Hubbard has been pushing the council for assurances ever since the senior Tory responsible for Leisure Services declared that there were too many swimming pools in west Wiltshire.

He subsequently refused to give assurances about the future of the Blue Pool at an Area Board meeting held in the town.

Speaking after being told that the town will retain a pool Melksham South councillor Jon Hubbard commented, “I’m delighted that the council have decided that Melksham should retain a swimming pool.

“However, the fight is not yet over. We need to make sure that if the Blue Pool is going to be replaced then the new pool remains accessible to all residents, and that the Blue Pool does not close until after the new pool has been opened.

“We will continue to monitor the situation as things develop”.

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