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Lorry Park will close on July 5th

by Jon Hubbard on 24 June, 2010

Following a 20 month campaign by Cllr Jon Hubbard the HGV Lorry Park in King Street is set to close on 5th July.

In March this year, and again at the special Area Board meeting held a few weeks ago the decision was taken to recommend to the Cabinet Member at County Hall that the Lorry Park should close.

Research has uncovered an Order by West Wilts District Council (dated 2008) which allows for temporary closure of the car park and legal advice is that it can be used to apply an immediate ban, whilst the Order for a permanent ban is advertised and put in place.

Therefore the signage to ban HGVs has been ordered and these are scheduled for delivery on 5th July. The ban will be enforced as soon as the signage is installed, and fencing may be put around the lorry parking bays to help enforcement.

The process to obtain an Order for permanent ban has started.

Bus companies are being made aware of the ban and any suggestions for alternative locations in Melksham for bus drivers to have their break are being welcomed.

Local operators are being contacted to encourage their drivers to park at their depots.

The signage will be in English and Polish. Text in other languages may need to be added later.

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