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Campaign to Save Melksham Library

by Jon Hubbard on 25 August, 2010

Wiltshire Councillor for Melksham South, Jon Hubbard, has today launched a campaign to save Melksham Library after the Conservative Administration in County Hall announced a consultation exercise which proposes closing the popular town centre resource in favour of an out-of-town complex to be located by the new Melksham Oak Community School.

Melksham LibraryThe plans announced by the council would mean that a new “campus” would be built that would house replacements for Christie Miller, the Blue Pool, the Library and Canberra Youth club amongst others.

The local councillor commented “This is just crazy. I think everyone can agree that Christie Miller needs to be replaced, and I understand the benefits of putting the Leisure Centre and the Swimming Pool in the same building. But to propose closing the popular town centre library and moving it several miles out of town is simply insane, and it clearly shows just how detached from reality the Conservative administration in Trowbridge is.”

Jon continued, “I notice that under the county-wide plans announced that Trowbridge is to have a nice new library provided right in the centre of the town, based in the newly refurbished County Hall. Melksham, meanwhile, as part of a cost cutting exercise is to loose its valuable and popular town centre resource and instead have a facility dumped on the edge of town.

“I find it ironic that the same council that fought so hard to stop Adsa coming to Melksham on the basis of it being an out of town development has now had a complete change of heart and wants to move its own facilities away from the town centre.

“Once again we see the Conservatives in County Hall applying one rule for themselves and a completely different rule for everyone else.

“I urge every resident in Melksham to complete a copy of the consultation document that the council have issued. You can complete the survey here ( or you will be able to collect a copy from the Library or the Blue Pool.

“We need to make sure that the voice of Melksham is heard loud and clear in County Hall”.

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  1. tom roberts says:

    i just wanted to give my support to the save our library campaign, i have filled out the survey, and have made my feelings clear in an email to
    if everyone says no, surely they can’t go ahead?

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