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Call for Consultation to be Extended

by Jon Hubbard on 3 September, 2010

Cllr Jon Hubbard has called for the consultation exercise on the Melksham Campus to be extended to allow more local residents to participate. The consultation was originally set to close on 10th September but the local councillor has asked that it should be extended until mid-October to allow more people the chance to take part.

“The report will not be being presented to the cabinet until December”, the local councillor said, “and therefore I can see no reason why we can’t leave the consultation open and let more local people have their say.

“Some local residents have been complaining that they have been unable to access the consultation from the library and we need to ensure that everyone who wants to is able to contribute.”

Cllr Jon Hubbard has launched a petition opposing the plans to close the town centre library and replace it with an out-of-town alternative. He commented “Closing our popular town centre library and replacing it with a bookshelf behind the receptionist at the leisure centre is not a viable option for Wiltshire’s fourth largest town”.

Jon’s petiton is available in many local shops as well as online at

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  1. Dehmers says:

    Great One…

    I have been asked to make a CD for a skating party and I need good upbeat music that 4-5 year old kids could/will listen too. There are 3 boys and only 1 girls that are coming so the music has to be general, nothing too girl like, nothing to boy like…..

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