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Important information from the Neighbourhood Policing Team

by Jon Hubbard on 13 September, 2010

It has been reported that a bogus gasman has stolen jewellery from a Bath womans home shortly after a genuine contractor had been working there.   The in cident took place on Friday, 3 September 2010 at around 1.15pm.

 The victim, aged 35, had been visited by a bone fide gasman to carry out a maintenance check.   Shortly after he had left a second man called at the house claiming to be a colleague and asking whether he could check whether the first worked had left some tools behind.

Although the woman only left this man alone in a room for a very short time she later found that earrings, a diamond ring, a gold neckloace and some cash were missing.

The offender is described as being a white male in his 20’s, about 6’tall, of a slim or lanky build with short blond hair and had an earring in one ear.

You are advised to ensure that you confirm the identlty of all callers.

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