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The Campaign for Fairer Votes

by Jon Hubbard on 17 October, 2010

The Coalition Government has pledged to hold a referendum on whether to introduce the Alternative Vote (AV) for elections to the House of Commons. This very simple change to our current First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) voting system can have a profound, positive and lasting impact on how we do politics in Britain.

The principle is a no-brainer: the winner in an election should need the support of a majority of the people. AV makes this happen with ‘preference voting’. Voters swap the ‘X’ on the ballot paper for numbers, so they can rank the candidates in order of preference 1,2,3…

The case for voting YES to AV

  1. MPs with a real mandate
    Today barely 1 in 3 of MPs has support from a majority of their voters. With AV MPs would need to work harder to win and keep our support.
  2. A Stronger Link
    The constituency link is stronger – MPs have to reach out to the majority of voters.
  3. No more Tactical Voting
    Supporters of smaller parties can vote sincerely for their preferred candidate in the knowledge their vote can still help decide the winner.
  4. Shutting down Extremism
    Divisive or extremist candidates, who are unwilling to appeal to a wider electorate, have little or no chance of success.
  5. Positive Politics
    AV encourages candidates to actively appeal to supporters of other parties, reducing the need for negative campaigning.
  6. Simplicity
    AV is easy. Just mark your ballot paper 1, 2, 3 instead of using X.
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