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Wiltshire Conservatives wasted half a million on saying everybody matters

by Jon Hubbard on 17 October, 2010

A Freedom of Information request made by the BBC has revealed the cost of rebranding Wiltshire Council (WC) when it swallowed up the local district councils.

Of all the new councils Wiltshire comes second in the expenditure league table after Central Bedfordshire, which is also Conservative controlled and which wasted just over half a million.  Northumberland managed to go through the unitary process whilst spending less than £6,000 on re-branding.

Rebranding Costs:

Central Bedfordshire Council: £533,443.41

Wiltshire Council: £475,000

Cheshire West and Chester: £240,059.69

Durham County Council: £220,376.44

Cheshire East: £187,726.29

Cornwall: £65,000

Shropshire: £34,378

Bedford Borough: £19,000

Northumberland: £5,776.45

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