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St Damien’s Surgery to Merge with Bradford Health Centre

by Jon Hubbard on 22 November, 2010

I have been sent a copy of a press release showing that St Damien’s Doctors Surgery is to merge with Bradford-on-Avon based St Margaret’s surgery and the Health Centre in Bradford-on-Avon. The full press release is shown below, together with the FAQs for patients that has been issued.

“The partners of the Health Centre, Bradford-on- Avon, and St Margaret’s and St Damien’s surgeries in Bradford-on –Avon and Melksham have agreed in principle to merge their practices. The merged practice is planned to commence in April 2011.
The partners believe that this merger will allow the most efficient use of health
service resources and is in the best interests of their patients. Further information will follow in due course.”

FAQ for patients

Why is this happening?
The NHS has been spared in the recent government spending review compared
with some other areas. However, pressures continue and resources must be used as
efficiently as possible to maintain standards of patient care.

Do I have to take any action to be cared for by the new practice ?
No, you will become a patient of the new practice without having to do anything.

Will I be able to see my own doctor ?
Yes, the three practices are merging so the same doctors will be available for you to

When will this all start ?
We plan to start at the beginning of April 2011.

Will I go to the same place for my consultation ?
There may be some changes in Bradford-on-Avon. The provisional plan is to hold
chronic disease clinics such as asthma and hypertension clinics at the Bridge Street
building and hold all doctors consultations at the Health Centre. In Melksham there
will be no changes initially.

Will I need to use a new telephone number to make appointments and contact the
practice ?

Yes, you will be given a practice leaflet with all the telephone numbers and how to
use them.

Will my repeat prescription list still work ?
Yes, the practices use the same computer system and so there will be no changes

If I need it, will I still be able to ask for a home visit ?
Yes, and we will work hard to maintain the quality of care that you receive from the
new practice.

Will there be more information coming ?
Yes, the practices will be using their newsletter to keep you informed of progress.

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