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Urgent Survey for Better Trains in Melksham

by Jon Hubbard on 24 January, 2011

Trans Wilts Rail has been set up by Wessex Chambers of Commerce with the support of Wiltshire Council and other partners to press the Government for improvements to the rail network between Salisbury and Swindon.  The proposal is rapidly gaining momentum and a decision is expected shortly.  TransWilts is now seeking public and business support for the proposal to show the clear demand for a regular rail service for both commuters and non-commuters and highlight the much needed alternative to road transport.  The time to influence the decision to add more trains and improve the service frequency is very short. 

To be sure of being included in our submission statistics, we need your SURVEY RESPONSE BY FRIDAY 18TH FEBRUARY.

publicsurvey   businesssurvey

First Great Western anticipate that subject to Government approvals the service could be operational from December 2011.  You can read more about the project on the TWR website.

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