Jon Hubbard

Liberal Democrat Wiltshire Councillor for Melksham South and Town Councillor for Melksham Spa Learn more

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About Jon Hubbard

I represent the Melksham South ward on Wiltshire Council, the Unitary Council which has replaced West Wiltshire District Council and Wiltshire County Council, as well as Melksham Spa ward on the Town Council. The two ward areas are broadly the same and include the Hazelwood Road area including St Michaels Road and Conigre Close, all of the Kennilworth estate, the Campion Drive are,all of Queensway between Spa Road and Clackers Brook and the Snowberry Lane area. Additionally the Town Council ward includes West End, King Street and some of the town centre.

Nick Clegg and Vince Cable join Prospective MP Duncan Hames and Wiltshire Councillor Jon Hubbard in MelkshamOn Wiltshire Council I sit on a number of committees, including:

  • Children’s Services Select Committee
  • Children’s Services Major Contracts Task Group
  • Licensing Committee
  • Overview & Scrutiny Organisation and Resources Select Committee
  • Melksham Area Board.
  • Corporate Parenting Panel
  • Officer Appointments Committee
  • Placements for Looked After Children Task Group (Chair)
  • Review of ICT Provision Task Group

On the Town Council I am a member of two committees, Policy and Resources (which I Chair) and Town Development, although I regularly attend and speak at other committee meetings.  I have been appointed as a Director of Selwood Housing as a Wiltshire Council Representative and chair the Melksham Extended Services Steering Committee as a representative for the Town Council. I am leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Wiltshire Council.

Cllr Jon Hubbard celebrates the newly re-laid pathway at Berkshire GreenAlthough I sit as a Liberal Democrat I am first and foremost a community campaigner. I am a great believer in listening to the people I represent and fighting their corner.   To my mind, national government and local councils have become far too distant and self-obsessed.  Political systems have been organised for the benefit of those in power and those who want to be in power and not for the people who they should be serving.  Councils are for people and not the other way round!

Cllr Jon Hubbard clearing up litter at the Lorry ParkI have lived in Melksham since 2002 and have always been impressed with the strength of the local community. I actively participate in community groups in my ward including the Queensway TARA and working with residents in Lewington Close to try and get a Childrens Play Area.

If you’d like to know more about me or my views, please do get in touch.